• We Managed to Find a Photographer Crazy Enough to Work with Us

    We are pretty damn excited to share the photos from our recent photo shoot with photographer extraordinaire Satomi Shigemori of Selcouth Vision Photography. It was a day like any other when our talented photographer friend reached out on Instagram and told us she thought our designs were dope an... View Post
  • The Summoning: Our First Backstory Video

    Well, we did it. We made our first horrible backstory video. It's actually pretty funny, if you're not a super lame person who takes everything way too seriously. The concept for this video is a behind-the-scenes look at how we come up with our design ideas for our kick-ass clothes. Our sneak p... View Post
  • It Has Begun!

    After countless hours, days that seem little more than tick marks on the wall, and years of dreaming, Dark Whim Designs has officially been born. Yes, it seems like it was only yesterday that Jacki and Joseph were battling it out on their Fisher-Price easels and Shane was finger painting on the ... View Post