It Has Begun!

After countless hours, days that seem little more than tick marks on the wall, and years of dreaming, Dark Whim Designs has officially been born.

Yes, it seems like it was only yesterday that Jacki and Joseph were battling it out on their Fisher-Price easels and Shane was finger painting on the living room wall and blaming it on her older brother. Fortunately for us all, the internet has provided an outlet for our creative urges, and the good people of Earth are at last safe from our more ... inspired expressions.

We are so thankful to all who have supported us. Special shout out to our mom, Brenda, our grandma, Carmen, our friend Austin, and Jacki's partner Jordan for not laughing at us when we said we wanted to start an art and clothing company. Oh, and also for giving us startup capital and ecommerce mentoring. 

This is only the beginning, but we have so much more to look forward to. Thanks in advance to all those we will meet along the way. 

Peace and love,

Jacki (oldest sister), Joe (middle child/brother), and Shane (little sister)