About Us

Dark Whim Designs is a Colorado-based design company owned and operated by siblings Jacki, Joe, and Shane. 

Joe Othon got his start as a tattoo artist in 2011 and has been painting and drawing since childhood. His tattoo work influences his designs, which include tribal, occult, and psychedelic inspiration. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram

Jacki Othon is a freelance writer, designer, and blogger who began her career in 2013. She enjoys studying diverse cultural and spiritual histories and bringing those influences to her designs. You can check out her blog, Radically Enlightened, for a good ponder. 

Shane Quinones is a glassblower and rabble-rouser. She works as an intern for Dark Whim, handling all social media management, marketing, sales, customer service, and admin duties. When her studio is up and running, her glasswork will also be featured on Dark Whim.

Electric Lotus is the first product line featured by Dark Whim Designs, though many more are in the works. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on new products and sales! Connect with us on social media to get the latest from the Dark Whim creators on Facebook and Instagram